3 Ways to Bring Your Holiday Table to Life Using Multi-Tiered Homewares

Holidays are filled with times of connecting with loved ones—slowing down and enjoying time to invite people into our homes. Gathering together, sharing stories and food around a table.

As the centerpiece of attention, the table leaves a lasting impression with guests. But how do you decorate a gorgeous table for the holidays? Simply combine three items—pedestal stands, serving trays and Lazy Susans—and you will create a multi-tiered holiday table that your guests will never forget.

1. Pedestal Stands

Begin by decorating your table with a pedestal stand. This is the highest point on your table, so use it to gain height by adding items like tall candles. Choose 3-4 candles of varying heights to add variety and depth. Be careful not to make it too large or distracting that it disrupts the view of your guests.

Use pine needles, holly, red berry garlands, battery-operated small LED string lights, small ornament balls, mini pumpkins or pinecones to decorate around the base of the candles.

Pedestal stands are also a terrific base for a small mum, lavender plant, poinsettia, succulent or pumpkin, depending on your theme and dinner style.

For a meal with a full menu, use your pedestal stands as another serving area. Combine pears and cheese varieties with a cheese knife for an elegant feel with varying heights. Serve smart by adding a dish of roasted potatoes or green bean casserole that’s easily accessible.

2. Lazy Susans

Use your Lazy Susan for items that will be accessed frequently. You might choose to pair your salt and paper shakers, with salad dressing and a gravy bowl. Making your Lazy Susan your cheese, nut and bread tray ensures your delights will be enjoyed by all.

For larger Lazy Susans, consider combining several cheeses, meats, nuts and even olives, cherry tomatoes and grapes for quick snacking over light conversation.

Keep in mind that Lazy Susans don’t need to be too full, especially if their design or engravings add to the tablescape.

3. Serving Boards

Fill in the remaining spaces of your table with serving boards of various sizes. Fill the trays with your smaller item foods. Begin by placing a few bowls on each tray which can hold your smallest items like nuts, seeds, berries, or even crackers. Around the bowls, layer sliced meets, cheeses, fruits like apples, figs, pears, clementines and grape clusters.

Don’t be afraid to get a little exotic. You can increase color to your table by including pomegranates, figs, and sliced oranges.


It’s that simple. Let your multi-tiered homewares bring your table to life! Now invite your friends and family over and spend some time celebrating with those you love this holiday season.

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