8 Tips for Helping You Decorate Your Home This Fall You’ll Love

Are you ready to start decorating your home for this fall, but unsure what to incorporate and include to get that perfect fall look? The first day of autumn is just around the corner and the weather is starting to cool off. If you’re like me you are ready for the change in the scenery outside. 

But as for changing the scenery inside, that can be a little more daunting. How much decorating is enough, how much is too much, what’s going to work with your home decor? So we’ve put together these tips and ideas to help you come up with a plan for decorating your home to get that perfect cozy feeling as we all wrap ourselves up in some flannel shirts and blankets.

Decorating with Seasonal Flowers

The fall season has some beautiful flowers that can bring some color and natural elements into your home and create that fall feeling. It’s time to replace your summer flowers and bring in these fall classics to celebrate the time of year. Here are some great flowers to consider for your planters and arrangements.

Chrysanthemums or Mums

Mums are one of the most popular options. They come in a good variety of classic fall colors like red mums, yellow mums, purple mums, and white mums. Add to the fact that their bloom has a dense amount of flowers means they are wonderful to look at. 


Pansies are another classic fall flower. Their delicate petals and vibrant colors are spectacular to look at and make a great contrast. These flowers also come in a wide variety of colors so you can easily find a color combo that’s perfect for your home.


Celosia (also known as Cock’s Comb) is a great addition to your flower compositions because of their striking textures and spires which give some new dimensions against most traditional looking flowers. 

Dianthus Horatio

Dianthus Horatio is a sub-species of your typical Dianthus. These low height flowers are striking for obvious reasons. Their two-tone petals are eye-catching and because of their relatively low grow height means they can be combined with some of the other higher growing flowers to make a full looking planter.


Verbena (also known as vervain) is the next flower we love to add to our flower arrangements because not only do their wispy flowers with height mean they can add another layer of textures and height to your planters. But they also can add a wonderful aroma to your rooms.

Hardy Fuchsia

Hardy fuchsia is also known as fuchsia magellanica, and can be a wonderful addition to your flowers. Obviously, the inverted and uniquely shaped flower is part of this. But also because of the leaves that are rimed in a deep red color.

Different Planting Ideas

There are all kinds of size planter options to include these flowers in your home. These are just a few to help you get your mind going. If you need more ideas on how to arrange your flowers you can read this great article.

Hanging Baskets

Don’t forget that your home usually has some great vertical space that can be augmented with some hanging baskets to help draw the eyes up. Combining plants like the hardy fuchsia and other draping flowers are perfect for these types of planters.

Small Tabletop Planters

Don’t be fooled that just because these are small doesn’t mean they can’t add real interest to your rooms. Especially when you add a couple of them in clusters that are keep a consistent planting means you create a theme that carries from room to room.

Large Room Planters

Larger planters don’t have to be reserved only for the outdoors. Try putting together a larger arrangement of flowers in some specific corners and areas of the room to create focal points.

Wall Planters

Usually built in clusters of smaller planters a wall arrangement is another way to help bring the visual of flowers and color vertically to attract the eyes up. This again helps make a room seem bigger when done right.


It’s surprisingly easy to make your own decorative wreath for fall. Picking up some colorful leaves, add in a couple of flowers, and a couple of other flourishes and you can save yourself some money and have a 100% personalized wreath in your home. Plus, you have some bragging rights to showcase what you made yourself.

Try Making Some Creative Centerpieces

Creating your own centerpieces can be incredibly rewarding. For one, it’s a fun creative project. And for another, you can create something that is 100% your own personality and expression in your home. Here are some ideas you can use as a starting point for different places within your home.

Floral Centerpiece

Like we just talked about, creating a centerpiece using the flowers of fall is a classic option for making a focal point in the room. These can either be made with cut flowers, or you can have a planter that’s full of live flowers.

Gourd and Pumpkin Centerpiece

Pumpkins and gourds everywhere! That’s what people usually imagine when they think about how to decorate their house for the fall season. It may be a little obvious and overstated, but the fact is when done right they look amazing. There are two tricks that can help you make something that looks like an interesting centerpiece instead of clumps of “stuff.” 

Number 1, preserve your gourds 

Nothing ruins your centerpiece like rot and decay. First, you want to remove as much moisture as possible. Next, spray them with a mold repellent or an epoxy. And voila, they’ll last through the season no problem.

Number 2, Be plentiful but balanced

The fall season is all about celebrating the harvest and bounty of crop. So don’t just add one or two pumpkins to your table and think you’re done. Add several pumpkins of different shapes and colors, plus some other gourds. The trick will be keeping the appearance balanced.

Wheat Bundle Centerpiece

A newer centerpiece idea we’ve been seeing recently has been wheat bundles. Stand a handful in a vase. These are wonderful ideas if your room already has a strong color palette and you want to add something neutral for a little more intrigue. Tie the whole thing with a ribbon and you’re golden. You can also do this with corn and maize.

Incorporating Pumpkins and Gourds Around the House

We’ve already talked about how you can utilize pumpkins into your centerpieces. But don’t be afraid to intersperse gourds throughout your decorations. Again don’t forget you can use a litany of different colors and shapes.


This is the season that most of us start using our fireplaces again. So why not create some fall design focus around your mantle? 

Creating Your Entranceway

Creating a design at your front door is a way to set the tone for the whole house. Using some gourds and planters at your entranceway can set your guests up to feel as though they are walking through a gateway.

On the Bookshelves

It doesn’t always have to be about big and brash combinations to attract the eyes. Sometimes just adding little details in subtle places can mean the eyes have surprises to find as they scan and take in the room.

Play with Smells

I don’t know about y’all. But one of the first signs of fall for me is the smell. Something changes in the air and you just know it’s autumn. So why not keep playing with that sense inside your home? Try setting up small bowls of potpourri with these elements for a subtle smell that doesn’t over power but is noticed when you first enter a room.

Pumpkin Spice

I know. I’m tired of pumpkin spice everything at this point just like the rest of you. I’m not saying go out and buy a Febreeze can on pumpkin spice and blast your home. In fact, do not do that! The reality is, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and allspice creates an awesome aroma of warmth. 

Apple & Cinnamon

Pumpkin spice has recently become the dominant smell of fall. But let’s not forget to celebrate that combination of apple and cinnamon. That combination of fresh crisp apples and warm cinnamon, in my mind, is the best.

Cedarwood & Bonfire

To me, the arrival of fall mostly means family gatherings around the bonfire to stay warm and enjoy some good food. And that smell of cedar or a bonfire is incredibly distinct without being overpowering.

Add Plaid Patterns

Flannels, plaids, tartans, ginghams, and houndstooth are the patterns we often think of in cooler weather. You just know it’s going to be warm enough to cozy up to and relax. Incorporate some plaid throw pillows to your couch, some strategic flannel blankets, and you’ll immediately know what time of year it is. 

And these patterns don’t have to stay exclusively to fabric patterns. Take this houndstooth trivet for your kitchen to keep the theme going throughout your home.

Copper Accents

Copper perfectly reflects the color and warmth that we often think of in fall. So try adding a couple of copper elements to add a metallic pop in the middle of your decor.

It’s not just because a Moscow Mule is a perfect drink for this time of year. A copper mug is also just a perfect size object for adding a copper accent to your room. But, the image of curling up near the fire with a book, a flannel blanket, and a Moscow Mule is just perfect.

Mixing Rustic with Refined

live edge wood wine rackA trend we’ve been seeing that is super fun is the mixing of rustic items like live edged wood items with refined items like polished metal. Like our Black Walnut Live Edge Wine Rack. Or Adding our wrought iron easel for cookbooks.

Making Your Outdoor Space to Be More Cozy

Just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean your backyard space is off limits for having family and friends over. Instead, it just means making some minor tweaks so everyone can continue to enjoy the outdoors.

Add Extra Lighting

This can be as simple as adding some string lights for a little extra lighting. But if you’re serious about making your deck or patio into a 3 seasons entertaining space we recommend you look into getting more permanent lighting options. They tend to look much better than your Walmart Christmas lights and do more for providing the mood lighting you want.

Add Extra Blankets

Having an extra blanket chest outside for once the sun goes down is essential for making sure everyone is still comfortable. Plus, the strategic plaid blankets help bring the autumn aesthetic to your outdoor space.

Utilize A Fire Table

If you can, using several different heat sources outside means people are still able to stay warm without all being on top of each other to stay warm with the one campfire. A small fire table can make the world of difference.




Hopefully, these ideas can help you prepare your home and be ready for fall this year.

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