8 Tips for Kitchen and Dining Room Design to Check Out in 2021

With the year everyone had in 2020 a lot of designers and renovators are seeing shifts in the way people are designing their kitchens and dining rooms to adjust to their needs. With people turning their dining rooms into workspaces and study halls here are a few things we’ve noticed.


Spaces to Serve Double Duty

People need furniture that allows for WFH. Dining rooms are now having to serve several functions in the day. In the morning serving as both workspace and school for the family, then as a space for meal time throughout the day, and finally as a small meeting place with close friends and family.


All of this together means the dining room needs to have enough space for everyone to get work done and still have quality family time. You can achieve this in a couple of ways. One of them is having designated corners for certain functions. Instead of having one large dining table, using a smaller circular table for eating and a small desk for studying and work. Another option is using the kitchen as both cooking and eating space and leaving the dining room strictly for work, study, and meet ups.


More Natural Elements

People are looking to bring more natural and soothing elements into their homes. Natural materials like hardwood, cane, and

have always been a popular choice for interior designers. However, over the last few years there was a rise in using polymer and manufactured materials. Now people are looking to bring back more wood grain to make the space more relaxing.


Things like walnut, cedar, and elm woods are especially becoming popular coming into 2021 because of their durability and beauty. Whether it’s incorporated into the kitchen island, cabinetry, or dining table adds great warmth and comfort to a space. 


Designs for More Intimate Encounter

The larger size tables are being replaced with smaller tables that allow families to share time together. We’re also seeing the use of more rounded tables being popular as opposed to the square or rectangular options.

This also means people are going for more toned down centerpieces and decorations in the room that could be distractions.


Fewer Formal Dining Rooms

With the pandemic meaning people can’t hold larger gatherings. Instead choosing to utilize the dining room for schooling or work from home and moving the “dining” to either outside or within the kitchen. This can either mean utilizing several tables and seating spaces within the dining room to allow suitable workspaces for everyone or keep


Scandinavian Designs to Open Up Space

People are looking to make their interior design more clean and simple as they’re spending more time inside. Simple designs and clean looking spaces help give the illusion of a bigger room. 

This means using a lot of white colors with only simple pops of color for specific focal points and maximizing the natural light coming into a room.


Handless Designs

Advances in technology have allowed for fixtures and features in the kitchen to be cleaner and simpler in design. We’re seeing this is in both the use of handle-less kitchen cabinets and smart touch faucets.


Integrated Appliances

People are looking to reduce the clutter in their kitchens without forgoing some of the niceties. This means things like painting the oven hood the same color as your cabinets or using the same materials. Or hiding the dishwasher and refrigerator within the cabinets.


Cottagecore & Rustic Cottagecore

First of all, understanding what is cottagecore. It’s a design that features a lot of vintage patterns and color combinations to create an elegant and traditional look. Rustic cottagecore is simply taking those colors and patterns and incorporating the more used or recycled items to include some more character like exposed beams or live edged wood tables.

It may sound like this style would stand in contrast to the Scandinavian style. But really what it will mean in 2021 is finding that balance between the two so it holds enough white for bringing out the natural like and keeping things simple while utilizing the cottagecore for the important color pops and focal points.


Of course, there are several other trends and styles that are coming up this year. But these are some of the biggest and most interesting ones we’ve noticed.


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