How to Spring Clean Your Kitchen This Year

It’s springtime! One of the love-hate relationships I have with this time of year is the concept of “spring cleaning.” If you’re anything like me, over the winter months there is just a level of disorganization and gunk that builds up over time. Especially over winter. So with the renewing vibe of spring that comes with opening the house to get some fresh air and having more sunlight also comes the desire to really clean up the house. And the kitchen is one of the biggest. I love my checklists so here is our top to bottom approach to doing a deep clean for your kitchen.

Dust-Off the Tops of Door Frames & Tops of the Cabinets

Your door frames can gather a lot of dust so it’s good to get up there with a wet wipe or duster and knock that all off. Plus, if you have kitchen cabinets that don’t go all the way to the ceiling you can be sure there are dust and junk up there. I know you don’t see up there often, but trust me, it helps add to the full clean feeling once you’re done. It also gives you a chance to dust off anything you store up there.

Wipe Off & Scrub the Oven Range Hood

A lot of splatters can make its way to the hood. Usually, by the time you’re cleaning it off, it’s stuck on there pretty good so you’ll want to use an abrasive brush and some strong cleaning agents to really get that off. It’s important to clean all the way inside, check the fan & filter to see if they need cleaning, and then wipe down the outside.

Scrub and Clean the Stop Topkitchen cleaning, spring cleaning, cleaning stove top, cleaning oven range

This part of the kitchen usually gets wiped down with more frequency than most of the kitchen because of how apparent splatter and messes are. But for this spring cleaning, we want to go further. If you have a gas burner, or an electric eye, take all the elements apart and get down under the burners. That means also taking the dials off and scrubbing underneath. If the dials are really bad, leave them to soak in some hot soapy water to loosen the grime.

Cleaning the Outside and Inside of the Oven

Now that the stove is done let’s get to the oven. I prefer cleaning the outside, wiping down the door, pulling the oven away from the wall and cleaning underneath, etc. before doing the interior but it’s your choice. 

For cleaning the inside there are several options like store-bought cleaners, more natural options like baking soda and lemon juice, and for some people there is the oven’s self-cleaning function. Just a warning, if your oven has a lot of buildup and junk sitting on the bottom I recommend doing a manual clean. The more particulate there is in your oven, the higher the chances they can smoke you out. Or worse, they can catch fire. 

For more information on cleaning your oven, you can read this great article:

Cleaning the Inside & Outside of Your Dishwasher

You might think that since your dishwasher, by very definition, cleans your plates and all that it should be pretty clean itself. But the truth is, there is often a lot of those food particles that get blasted off your dishes that can just sit in there. The good news is that most dishwashers can clean themselves by running a quick cycle with nothing in there. I would just recommend before running this cycle that you check the drain and remove any buildup to help get the best clean possible.

spring cleaning, kitchen cleaning, cleaning oven hood, cleaning range hoodCleaning and Organizing the Refrigerator & Freezer

I’m guilty of creating several science experiments in my fridge from leftovers that I’m not proud of. So using this time for a deep clean, purge, and reorganizing is a big one for me. For the refrigerator part you can clean about all of it with a simple sponge and some soapy water. Some of your drawers may have a really thick layer of grime that’s built-up but don’t worry. Just pull them out and set them in the sink to soak in hot water with soap. 

When you move to the freezer the big thing to clean out is any ice build-up. Depending on how much ice you have, you may need something like a putty knife to scrape it all out. In which case I recommend having some towels on hand.

Once the interior is cleaned out you can reorganize the fridge as you put everything back. Then the only thing left is to wipe down the outside of your fridge. I like to use Lysol wipes for this but a sponge is good too. If you have a stainless steel fridge I also recommend getting some steel polish to make things really pop. Check out our steel polish products here.

Cleaning the Interior & Exterior of the Microwave

Again, how something so small can get so filthy is amazing. Nevertheless, be sure to pull your tray and all out of the microwave to really get underneath everything. Then wipe down the outside. If your microwave sits on the counter don’t forget to pull it forward to wipe underneath.

Wiping Down the Cabinetsspring cleaning, kitchen cleaning, cabinet cleaning

Take a Lysol wipe or a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt, dust, grease, hair, soot, or any other stuff that unimaginably finds itself stuck to the cabinets. Note, if you’ve made it this far don’t get discouraged. You’re more than halfway through. You can go that extra step and use our furniture polish to make your kitchen really pop.

You should probably also take this time to reorganize what’s in your cabinets if needed. For me, I store tupperware in my cabinets and a few other things. For more ideas on how to organize your cabinets here is a great article. Personally, I love the dowel rod idea because it gives me the flexibility to change up how things are organized as I need to

Wiping Down the Countertops & the Backsplash

We’re so close now. Use a wet wipe or a microfiber cloth and wipe your counters, kitchen island, and backsplashes down to clean them off.

Cleaning the Sink & Garbage Disposal

Your sink and garbage disposal are another area where I think “This is where I clean, how can this be dirty?” but it is. Just wipe down and flush your sink to get the leftovers off the sides and scrub to remove any grease that has accumulated. 

To clean the garbage disposal there’s a little more of a process. But it’s very simple, helps keep it working for longer, and keeps your kitchen smelling better. Here’s a great article with a process for cleaning your garbage disposal:

Clean & Organize the Pantry

I’ve found that not only does cleaning and organizing the pantry help remove dust and such, but it also helps re-evaluate what is left in the pantry that I can use to cook. So pull everything out, wipe it down, and move on to the next.

Clean the Windows

Nothing helps add that finished cherry look of a clean kitchen as clean windows. Conversely, nothing sticks out like a sore thumb in a clean kitchen like windows with smudges on them. So grab some Windex and give them a quick clean.

spring cleaning, kitchen cleaning, sweeping kitchen floor, mopping kitchen floor, cleaning kitchen floorSweep & Mop the Floors

Homestretch! Start with sweeping up the kitchen floors and be sure to pick up any floor mats, put your kitchen chairs up on the table, and don’t forget to sweep under everything. Finally, go through with whatever you use for moping. I generally use a spray Swiffer with some Murphy’s soap and water mixture.

Relax & Enjoy

Congratulations. Take a step back and admire the work. When my kitchen is this clean I’ll usually walkthrough in bare feet to enjoy the fact that there aren’t little bits I’m stepping on, or that slightly tacky feeling of a dirty floor. Plus, I’m a big fan of the smell when the kitchen is completely clean.

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