Memory Foam vs Latex Mattresses

The best night’s sleep starts with the right mattress — and the right mattress comes down to the right material. Memory foam vs latex mattresses is the number one debate right now when trying to find the best mattress.

Both memory foam and latex mattresses are meant to contour to your body, providing you with a custom, uniquely comfortable feel. While both of these options are considered the deluxe standard on the market today, you only need one mattress. Read our honest insider breakdown comparing memory foam vs latex mattresses to help you decide between the two.

memory foam vs latex mattress material

Memory Foam vs Latex: A Point-by-Point Breakdown

At Martin’s Furniture, we say we truly specialize in mattresses — and we mean it, too. When it comes to finding your best night’s sleep, we offer an incomparable level of knowledge, hard-to-find products, and customer service that is unmatched by department store chains.

That’s why we’re breaking down the debate between memory foam vs latex mattresses to help you find the best mattress for your money.

  1. Contour Comfort — The big selling feature on either a latex or foam bed is the way it contours to your shape for MAXIMUM sleeping comfort — and both are equally good at it. However, latex bounces back quickly, while foam tends to get stuck in one shape, which can make your sleeping positions in the night uncomfortable.
  2. Natural vs Synthetic — Right off the bat, this is one of the biggest differences. Genuine latex mattresses are made out of natural sap from the rubber tree, while memory foam is a petroleum byproduct. Customers tell us, “If you eat organic, you should sleep organic, too.” We can understand that.
  3. Adjustable Base-Friendly — For some sleepers, adjustable beds are crucial to a solid night’s rest. Both latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses work well with adjustable bed frames.
  4. Temperature Comfort — We all know the feeling of lying awake, overheated and sweaty, with no hope of getting to sleep anytime soon. Since temperature plays a big role in your comfort, you need to keep it in mind when considering memory foam vs latex mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have the tendency to absorb body heat and feel hot, while latex rubber stays totally cool. Some memory foam mattress sleepers have complained about temperature issues.
  5. Price — If you compare a high-end memory foam mattress to a comparable latex one, the price will be very similar. However, since memory foam was a fad for quite some time, there are a lot of imitators on the market that are “memory foam in name only” — those will be cheap. But when comparing apples to apples, latex and real foam are essentially the same prices.
  6. Lifespan — This is where latex mattresses truly come out on top — latex lifespan is just unbeatable. How unbeatable? Well, the latex mattresses sold by Martin’s Furniture come with a no-hassle warranty — and they can easily last you 30 years! In comparison, memory foam mattresses have an average lifespan of more than 10 years, which is still great, but just not as good as latex.

The Verdict: When comparing memory foam vs latex, both are good mattresses — and we sell both — but latex is our pick for the BEST mattress type on the market.

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Martin’s Furniture, The Mattress Store to Trust

While Martin’s Furniture is primarily known for building gorgeous Amish home furniture, we are also highly knowledgeable mattress experts. Just like we want to pair you with the piece of custom furniture you’ll cherish for decades to come, we want to match you with the mattress you’ll sleep on for years to come as well.

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While lots of chain retailers and department stores offer special sales and big, buy-now incentives, we win customers by being the most knowledgeable and offering fair prices on top-of-the-line mattresses. We are a 58-year-old family owned and operated business — this is what we do and how we’ve always operated.

Our personal touch goes beyond your shopping experience. Mattress deliveries are made by our own trucks staffed by our own trained employees. We will deliver and set up your new bed, always being respectful of your home.

We’d love to become a part of your best night’s sleep for years to come. Contact us to learn more and stop by our showroom to try out a variety of latex and memory foam mattresses.

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