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 Choose your stain color from our standard colors or we can do a custom color match to match your existing furniture. 

 Stain Colors on Oak Wood

Autumn WHeat OakClassic Cherry OakDark Walnut Oak

    Autumn Wheat       BE Early American        Classic Cherry                Dark Walnut                

Harvest Oak Honey Spice OakNatural OakOld Mahogany Oak

          Harvest                      Honey Spice                      Natural                        Old Mahogany              

Old Washington OakOnyx OakBM Early American OakPuritan Oak

      Old Washington                   Onyx                   BM Early American              Puritan                         

       Rich Brown                   Richwood                        Woodbury

Stain Colors on Maple Wood  

 Autumn Wheat MapleClassic Cherry MapleDark Walnut Maple

        Autumn Wheat            BE Early American            Classic Cherry                   Dark Walnut                   

Harvest CherryHoney Spice MapleNatural MapleOld Mahoghany Cherry

          Harvest                      Honey Spice                        Natural                           Old Mahogany              

Old Washington MapleOnyx MapleBM Early American MaplePuritan Maple

      Old Washington                   Onyx                      BM Early American                Puritan                          

         Rich Brown                    Richwood                       Woodbury                 Scearce Dye Stain

                                                                                                                          on Curly Maple

Stain Colors on Cherry Wood

Autumn Wheat CherryClassic Cherry CherryDark Walnut Cherry

    Autumn Wheat       BE Early American          Classic Cherry                   Dark Walnut                    

Harvest CherryHoney Spice CherryNatural CherryOld Mahogany Cherry

          Harvest                         Honey Spice                    Natural                     Old Mahogany              

Old Washington CherryOnyx MapleBM Early American CherryPuritan Cherry

     Old Washington                   Onyx                      BM Early American            Puritan   

          Rich Brown                    Richwood                       Woodbury


Add a touch of paint for added interest whether you want a bright splash or subtle tones, we can mix it the way you like it. Painting is available on all furniture. We can custom color match for you also.


  Hawthorne Yellow w/ Glaze