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Martin's Home Wares

Martin's Home Wares is a division of Martin's Furniture LLC, a third generation family-owned company. We've been in operation since 1960, in Lancaster County, PA. Quality hallmarks with unsurpassed beauty defines the home wares handcrafted by our craftsmen who understand wood, its idiosyncrasies and respect that each piece is nature's work of art. The patterns and grain lines within each piece of wood are unique and beautiful. We honor these gifts from nature by handcrafting exceptional products.

Care & Use

Our wood products are created to last for generations, through detailed production practices and FDA approved high quality multi-layered finishes. To clean, wash area by hand with warm soapy water, rinse and immediately wipe dry with a soft cloth. Do not let stand in water, or place in dishwasher.

Environmental & Sustainability Program

Since our beginning in 1960, we have conducted our business in a respectful manner. This includes careful selection of our hardwoods that have been responsibly grown and harvested. We recycle our wood scraps and by-products for heating our buildings and animal bedding to our many local farmers.


Christmas Vintage Tray