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HD Super Duty                                                  


Better Quality. Better Promise. The Best Choice.®                      HD Super Duty      




 HD Super Duty Features:

EXCLUSIVE! HD Super Duty Coil Unit
12.5 gauge tempered steel coil unit is the heaviest and strongest support system in mattress construction today. Designed for high performance.

Solid Comfort


Tri-Zoned Foam with Gel Memory & Poly Foam

Exclusive design by Paramount Sleep. 8 pound gel memory foam adds pressure relief in the shoulder and knee areas as high density foam increases support in the center third of the mattress.

18 Slat Amish Made Spruce Wood Zoned Foundation

An impressive and robust wood construction, additional center rails and inreased edge support all adds up to superior stabilizing support, for durability and extended mattress life.

A Promise to Preform
 Exclusively and independently tested at 400 pounds to validate to preform year after year. 20 Year, 1" Body impression Warranty standard. 


Paramount Sleep HD Super Duty                                    

A.H. Beard

For those who understand and appreciate best-in-class luxury, A.H. Beard, Australia's preeminent supplier of superior sleep solutions.

AH Beard

Advanced "Joey Coil" Progressive Innerspring System
 Exclusive coil-in-coil spring design delivers luxurious comfort of near-total freedom from disturbance by motion transfer. The outer coil ptovides comort and reduces motion transfer while the inner coil provides deep-down support where you need it the most. Feel the incredibly difference.

Premium Memory Foam and Natural Latex
A.H. Beard beds are upholstered with multiple layers of premium natural latex, memory foam and silk and 100% natural wool to help control temperature and wick away moisture to enance comfort. Multiple layers of premium foam offer ultimate pressure relief and orthopedic support, head-to-toe.

Full Outer Tufting Ensures Integrity
 This is a hallmark of quality, handcrafted premium beds. Outer-tufting secures the upholstery layers to prevent shifting and minimize body impressions that ensures restful quality sleep, night after night.

Quality Sleep Assurace
 Guaranteed to Perform. Paramount Sleep has been handcrafting quality mattresses since 1933. Warranty peace-of-mind 20 Year with 1 1/2" Body impression standard. A.H. Beard is designed to caress away the worries of your day.

A.H. Beard 's Luxury Mattresses                     A.H. Beard        

Nature’s Spa®

Nature’s Spa

Luxuriate in the deep restorative sleep your body craves, while enjoying peace of mind knowing that the bed gently cradling you is made from natural latex using the Talalay process. All of our Nature's Spa® eco-friendly mattress systems are designed for an ideal balance between comfort, support and pressure relief. Our Talalay mattress conforms instantly to your body’s unique shape, and its inherent resilience pushes back where your body requires support, providing more pressure relief than conventional foam mattress materials, without giving you a "sinking" feeling like other foam beds.

100% Natural Talalay Comfort Latex
A Talalay mattress is the ultimate in natural luxury. It has a plush feel that conforms instantly to embrace your body’s unique shape. The resilience of the latex distributes your body weight evenly, reducing the pressure that causes tossing and turning. Ideal for allergy sufferers, it is naturally clean, toxin-free, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Tri-Level Knit Fabric
Each Nature’s Spa® mattress is wrapped in an organic knit fabric quilted with natural fibers, such as silk, organic wool and natural FR rayon, to effectively wick away heat and moisture, and regulate sleep temperature.

Certified Organic Wool Fiber
Ideal for bedding, the certified organic wool mattress fibers help your body maintain a comfortable temperature, regardless of warm or cool sleeping conditions. It also wicks moisture away from your body and is naturally resistant to dust mites and mildew.

Airflow Core
At the heart of this plush natural product is the Airflow Core. It provides maximum breathability while resisting softening and body impressions.

10-Slat Wood, Zoned Foundation
Extra-sturdy, Pennsylvania Amish, kiln-dried wood dowel-and-beam construction is designed to handle extreme pressure and weight for maximum durability. This furniture-grade foundation is also made with minimum environmental impact using only wood supplied from managed forests.

Nature’s Spa Mattress    





For your child’s wellbeing, a good night's rest is second to none, but the effect a mattress can have on getting kids to sleep can be overlooked.

Utmost Support for Growing Bodies
New spring and foam technologies enable this mattress collection to be a specific fit to growing bodies. The durable, adult-strength, innerspring support system provides multiple comfort layers for deep, relaxing sleep while the all foam mattresses offers great stability and durability.

New Low-Profile Spring Technology
The low-profile spring technology of the GoodNite® mattress is designed to adjust to increasing size and weight as your child grows for maximum support and quality sleep.

Anti-Microbial Damask Fabric Combined with Natural Flame Retardant Rayon Fiber
We offer an anti-microbial-treated fabric design for a sanitary sleeping surface. Each GoodNite® mattress is quilted with natural FR rayon with silicate to keep it naturally cool.

Every mattress meets Consumer Product Safety Commission Recommended Standards for use with bunk beds.

GoodNite Mattress    


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