Oval Side Table Daybreak In-stock Inventory

Starting at $130.00

Width – 19″
Depth – 16″
Height – 20″

Why Choose DAYBREAK:

  • 20 Year Warranty
  • Built from Recycled milk jugs
  • Handcrafted in USA
  • Easy to maintain
  • In-stock Inventory
  • Quality Construction
  • Mortise & Tenon for strength
  • Multi-able colors to meet your tastes
  • Stainless Steel fasteners

Stock Per-order Poly Color options:

  • Driftwood/Black – Quantity: 4 – in-stock ready to deliver!
  • Antique Mahogany/Black – Quantity: 4 – in-stock ready to deliver!
  • Black – Quantity: 4 – in-stock ready to deliver!

Inventory Lead Time: Available now! Limited supply

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Certified Green

We care about recycling, so we make sure our products meet FTC Green Guidelines by using milk jugs to build our furniture.

95% recycled content certification meets FTC Green Guidelines.

Unlike many companies that make “green” marketing claims but never substantiate them, we have invested heavily our processes and engage third – party partners to help hold us accountable for clear and accurate statements.  Studies show that consumers are not interested in vague promises, but demand clear evidence that matches manufacturers’ published environmental claims.

Comfort & Style

We believe that designing furniture that is creative, functional, and built to last for a lifetime is our calling.  We are always challenging ourselves to think bigger and create designs that you will love for your backyard.

Comfortable furniture is about more than smooth surfaces or top-quality cushions. The actual shape of a chair makes a huge difference. We’ve designed seats that fit your body better, to make relaxing in Daybreak Furniture delightfully restful.

We go to great lengths to have our designs look clean — we don’t like those screws showing on the top of seat slats or on the back, so we spend lots of time to design our furniture to hide as many fasteners as possible.

Crafted for strength

All our furniture is made with stainless steel hardware and mortise and tenon construction. That’s because we’re designing for the next generation. Our aim is to create heirloom quality pieces that will stay in your family for decades to come.

    • 20 year warranty
    • Ease of maintenance.
    • No Staining – No Painting.