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Supporting Sustainability

Martin's Furniture LLC takes considerable actions in selecting and buying North American hardwoods. We are confident that they these companies are using sustainable harvesting techniques in their processing. Our lumber travels only a few hundred miles from the forests of Allegheny Plateau to our shop.

 As Pennsylvanians, we share a common past- including a valuable forest resource that is as important today as it was in the generations gone by.

Today, six out of every ten acres in Pennsylvania are forested. More than half the state is in forest, totaling nearly 17 million acres. According to Keystone Wood Products Association, it is growing twice as much wood than it is harvesting. A majority of Pennsylvania forests are dominated by concentrations of large, high quality and commercially valuable hardwood saw timber that is 80 to 120 years old.

In fact, they are what the original settlers saw when they sailed up the Deleware River, when William Penn named it "Penn's Woods". Therefore, our forests are our heritage: What we've received from the past, and are working- through the science of modern sustainable forestry- to pass on to our future.